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Disclaimer and Copyright Policy

By completing the pain screening questionnaire, you are agreeing to share information about your current pain with qualified practitioners. If Perfect Balance Clinic practitioners deem that the questionnaire may have unearthed some more sensitive medical possibilities to your pain, then we reserve the right to make contact with you in the interest of providing you with more specialist information regarding your pain. The screening questionnaire is designed to provide you with the most accurate information possible with regards to which specialist to see for which type of pain; it will not provide you with any degree of diagnosis of the condition. Nor will it give you any advice as to the nature of the pain or how to go about dealing with this yourself. The sole purpose of the pain screening questionnaire is to make sure you see the right person for the specific type of pain you have. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible. Perfect Balance Clinic will not share information with any third party and endeavours to protect the sensitive information that it collects by abiding to the Data Protection Act of 1998. Upon request and a fee of £10, personal information can be accessed by the user for personal use or however he/she so permits.